The Professional Standards Bureau:

The reality 0f this decade is providing good service with less resources.  By improving the methods that we audit our department and the way we examine the quality of service we stay in line with 2015 and beyond law enforcement standards.

As such, the Professional Standards Bureau has been created to oversee the training division, quality control and the ethics and integrity unit. The PSB manages equipment and uniforms, accreditation, recruitment, background checks, policy, facilities and staff inpsections.

Getting the department accredited through the Connecticut Police Standards and Training Council is a large part of the focus of the PSB. The first phase is self-assessment. There are hundreds of standards you have to meet to become accredited. Quality control has always been part of the job officers do on a daily basis; the PSB will formalize that function. Training and quality control work hand-in-hand to improve police work. Under quality control police cases will be thoroughly vetted by the bureau on a weekly basis. The cases will be selected randomly.  Items like radio and telephone communications, written reports, statements and evidence seized will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and compliance with department rules. The function of the PSB is not intended to be used as a disciplinary tool, but as a training and re-training instrument. Internal investigations would however be part of the system if the need arises.  

The PSB is comprised of the following sections.