Tragedy struck the department for the first time on April 21, 1943 when Patrolman Milton Hodder was killed in the line of duty.  Officer Hodder he was struck by a vehicle just after 11 pm while directing traffic on Dixwell Avenue at the High Standard plant. Patrolman Hodder was at his post in front of the High Standard plant to regulate the traffic of the changing shifts at the plant and the normal flow on Dixwell Avenue. The vehicle which struck Patrolman Hodder contained 2 soldiers on leave from the military. After striking Patrolman Hodder the vehicle fled the scene but was forced to the curb a few hundred feet north of the accident by an alert motorist. The operator was charged with the death of Patrolman Hodder. Patrolman Hodder was survived by his wife, 2 sons, and 2 daughters. Police Chief Barrows commented that he considered Patrolman Hodder one of the best policemen in the Department and had been commended 3 times in his career. Patrolman Hodder was appointed a Supernumery Policeman on November 10, 1927 and regular officer on May 1,1928 



Tragedy struck yet again on July 27, 1964 at approximately 1:30 am when Officer Frank Donarumo was killed in the line of duty. Officer Donarumo was crossing the railroad tracks on State Street just south of Foote Street to inspect trucks that were parked on private business property. Officer Donarumo's police cruiser was struck by a Deisel New Haven Passenger Train. Officer Donarumo, aged 29, was killed instantly. He was hired on November 25, 1958 and was a 6-year veteran. He was the recipient of 7 departmental commendations. He left behind a wife and a small child. He was the 2nd Hamden Officer to die in the line of duty.