Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the Hamden Police Department?
The Hamden Police Department is a 24-hour a day business. We never close.

When should I call 911 to contact the Hamden Police Department? 
911 should only be used for extreme emergencies, such as a medical emergency, crime in progress, etc. When 911 is called a Dispatcher will answer and determine what services are needed, i.e. Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians. For routine calls (non-emergencies) to the Hamden Police Department, please call 203.230.4000.

How can I obtain a police report from the Hamden Police Department? 
Click on the following link for information about Services and Fees.  All reports are kept at the records room.

Should I call the police if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident? 
By law, you are obligated to report any motor vehicle accident that meets either of the following two guidelines:
1) It occurred on a public highway (city street) and
2) Damage was caused.
For example: if you bumped the back of another vehicle and there is no damage or injuries, no reportable accident has occurred.  However, in all cases we strongly recommend that you contact the police to respond and evaluate for your own protection and documentation against possible future litigation.
If I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, how soon will I be able to obtain a copy of the accident report?
Depending on the circumstances, police reports are generally available within 5 business days following the incident.
Some continuing investigations may increase that waiting period. 
Police reports involving an arrested party may not be available due to court proceedings. 
Police reports, when completed and available, may be obtained at the Records Division.
How can I obtain a pistol permit?
Pistol permit applications are available at the Hamden Police Department front desk. The application lists the appropriate steps the applicant will need to follow in order to obtain a pistol permit.
How can I appeal a parking ticket I received?
If you wish to dispute a parking ticket, please pick up and complete the parking ticket dispute form at the police department's front desk,
or download the Parking Citation Objection Form via our forms page.  The Chief of Police, or his designee, will respond in writing addressing each appeal.
How can I appeal a motor vehicle infraction (ticket) I received?
Payable infractions may be appealed by checking the "not guilty" box on the back of the infraction and signing your name in the space provided.
Mail the infraction back in the envelope provided.  You will be contacted by The Centralized Infractions Bureau via mail with further instructions.       
When/How can I get fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting is done for Hamden residents only by the Hamden Police Crime Scene Unit

For more information: Click Here. 

If I lose a utility at my residence should I contact the Hamden Police Department?

No, unless there is a fire or other type of emergency. For service or information you should contact your utility company.

  • United Illuminating -  1.800.722.5584
  • AT&T - 611 or 1.800.288.2020
  • Comcast Cable - 1.800.266.2278
What are the hours for the town dump? And what number do I call for trash pickup?
For information regarding town trash collection and the town's transfer station (dump), click here.
How can I find out information about a community event?
For community events, visit the Town of Hamden  web site events listings.
If I want to make sure my child safety seat is installed in my car correctly, who should I call?
The Hamden Police Department nor the Hamden Fire Department are able to assist with child seats at this time. 
It is recommended for you to contact the manufacturer of the seat,  AAA, or visit the Safekids CT  website for any assistance you may need.
How can I obtain information about identity theft?