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Dixwell Ave. Side of the New Station 12-14-2010


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Salley Port view of the new police department 12-14-2010



A nice crowd at the Hamden Elk's Club hosting the Policeman of the year award dinner.

This years award officer is Steve Baris.





Sgt. Armeno and Officer's, Falcigno, Romanelli and Hall  standing next to our new

generator and light tower procured through the departments grant section




         Officer Stephen DeGrand - 2010 Memorial Day Parade




 Late 1940's Car Accident. L to R- Officer Hugh Mulhern & Officer Harold Fith. Mulhern would later become Chief and Fitch would become a Captain. At right is an unidentified newspaper man.



 Arrival of 4 new Police Cruisers in 1968. Picture is taken behind Police Headquarters. 3rd from right is Chief Hugh Mulhern.



Picture of arrival of 4 new 1949 Mercury Police Cars. The picture was taken on Dixwell Avenue near Whitney Avenue. Pictured at right is Sergeant Louis Landino.


 Hamden Police Headquarters Front Desk-1968. Pictured is L - R, Captain Clarence Drumm & Sergeant Dutch Otto.


Hamden Police Department- Circa 1937 - Top Row - Left to Right is
Hamden's 2nd Police Chief, Harry Barrows, Captain Frank Cattaneo, Sgt.
Benedict Crosby, Sgt. Royce Malone, Off. David Howe, and Off. Robert
Thatcher. Cattaneo would become the 3rd Chief and Thatcher the 4th Chief.

Hamden Police Department - Circa 1933. The year (1940) on the photo appears
to be inaccurate. Hamden's 1st Police Chief  James Whelahan is 4th from left.
Hamden's 2nd Police Chief Harry Barrows is to the right of Whelahan.

Hamden Police Officers in front of Hamden High School - Mid-1950s- Left to Right - Henry Ormsted, Don Hasbrouck, John DelVeccio, Andy Buckley, Ed Cashman, Jack Lynch, Henry 'Dutch' Otto and Don Rhone.Hasbrouck and Rhone would later become Deputy Police Chiefs.

 Hamden Police Officers - Graduation from the Connecticut Police Academy Summer - 1979. Left to Right- Off. Gary Ciriello, Off. John Lujick, Off. Fran Klos, Off. Robert Maturo, Off. Clarence Ashane, Off. William Robinson, Off. Michael Bouchard, Off. Joseph Murray, Off. Gary Komoroski. Off. Lujick is the only remaining Officer who now serves as a Captain.

 Circa 1980. Hamden Police Officers capture a Python Snake in a yard on Evergreen Avenue. Pictured holding the snake - Left to Right- Lt. Larry Peryer, Off. Michael Bouchard, Off. William Onofrio, Off. Larry Smith, Off. William Sikorsky, Off. John Lujick, Sgt. Dutch Otto, and Off. Charles Watts.