Local Action Plan

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Contents of Plan with page numbers.

Executive Summary 4
Climate Change and Hamden 6
Summary of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 11
Emissions Reduction Measures 13
    Assumptions and Methodology 13
    Community-Residential & Commercial 13
            UI Community Energy Initiative 13
            Energy Efficiency Education 14
            Create Building Standards 15
            Shade Tree Planting 16
    Community-Transportation 16
        Encourage Pedestrian-Friendly Zones 16
        Further Improve Traffic Flow 17
        Install Bike Racks and Stripe Bike Lanes 18
        CTTransit Hybrid Buses 18
        Shuttle Buses for "Magic Mile" 19
        Federal Fuel Economy Standard Increase 19
    Community-Waste 20
        Unit Pricing 20
        Composting Program for Household Organic Wastes 21
        Create More User-Friendly Recycling Brochures 22
        Recycle Plastics 3-6 22
        Existing Recycling Program 22
    Government-Buildings 23
        Performance Contracting 23
        LEED Silver for All New Buildings 24
        LEED Silver for New Middle School 24
        Control Thermostats in Government Offices 25
        Solar Water Heating for the High School Pool 25
    Government-Vehicle Fleet 26
        Buy Hybrid Cars for Public Works 26
        Buy More Fuel-Efficient Light Trucks for Public Works 27
        Buy More Fuel-Efficient Cruisers for Police 27
        More Bikes, Motorcycles, and Horses 28
        Buy B-20 Biodiesel 28
        Stop Idling 29
    Government-Employee Commute 30
    Government-Streetlights 30
    Government-Waste 31
    Government-Other 31
        Green Purchasing 31
        Green Energy 32
        Open Space Acquisition and Tree Nursery 32
        Adopt State Climate Change Initiatives 33
Future Actions and Implementation 34
Appendices and Notes 35

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