Town Clerk - FAQ's


Q:   What is the correct address of the Hamden Government Center?

A:   The Town of Hamden Administrative Offices are located at 2750 Dixwell Avenue (corner of Evergreen Ave.) Hamden, CT 06518.  The Mayor's Office, Assessor's Office, Building Department, Civil Service/Personnel Department, Economic Development Office, Engineering Office, Finance Office, Fire Administrative Offices, Legislative Council Office, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Probate Court, Purchasing, Registrars of Voters, Tax Collector, Town Attorney, Town Clerk and Traffic are loacted in this building.


The Hamden Government Center is located at 2750 Dixwell Avenue in Hamden, CT, 06518.


Q:   What are your hours?
A:   The Town Clerk’s office is open from 8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. THERE ARE NO LAND RECORDINGS AFTER 4:00 P.M.  We are not open any evenings or weekends.


Q:   What do I need to get a marriage license?

A:   To obtain a marriage license, you need the following:

  • Valid photo I.D. for both bride & groom
  • $30.00 for the license fee.
  • The name of who is going to perform the ceremony, the date and place of ceremony.
  • You must get married in the town indicated on the license, or it becomes invalid.
  • You must appear in person, but do not have to appear at the same time.
  • No blood tests are required as of 10/1/2003.

    Click Vital Records for more information.

Q:   Can anyone obtain a marriage or death record?

A:   Marriage and death records are public records before 7/1/97. A certified copy may be obtained for $5.00 with an application form.  See Vital Records for restrictions after 7/1/97 when certain information must be redacted to the public, and I.D. is required.


     Click Applications & Forms to download appropriate application form.


Q:   Who can obtain a Birth Certificate?

A:  Birth certificates in the State of Connecticut are confidential record, except for those records over 100 years old.  A certified copy is $5.00 on a notarized application with valid photo I.D. attached to the request. See “Birth Certificate Access” under Vital Records section of this Site for further information and to download application.


Q:   What do I need for a dog license?

A:   To obtain a dog license, you need the following:

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination.
  • Proof of neutering/spaying certificate.
  • $8.00 for a spayed/neutered dog or $19.00 for an unaltered dog.

     Licensing month is June, with $1.00/month each month thereafter.

     Click Dog Licenses for more information.


Q:   Who are my State Representatives?

A:   Please click Elected Officals for this section of Town Clerk’s site. All municipal officials are also included.


Q:   Do you have a list of Justices of the Peace?

A:   Yes, we have a list of 81 justices currently available by mail, fax, you may pick one up or click Justices of the Peace to see a listing.  


Q:   I cannot vote in the upcoming election because of my illness.  Will I lose my vote?

A:   This voter will qualify for an Absentee Ballot, which must be given in person or mailed.  Click on Absentee Ballot for limited reasons to qualify for an Absentee Ballot and additional information.


Q:   Can you prepare a Release of Mortgage or Lien for me?

A:   This office is the recorder of original documents, preparing them for legal permanent record.  We do not prepare any legal documents or forms. You would need to go to the original mortgage holder or bank for such a release.  This must be recorded in the Town Clerk’s office to release your record.


Q:   How can I add my spouse, child, nephew, family member, etc. to my deed of property?

A:   You would need to call your attorney to prepare such a document.

        Click Land Records for further information.


Q:   Do you have a copy of my survey or plot plan?

A:   This office does have maps on file of subdivisions, condominiums, lot line revisions, site plans, and utility easements.  The designation is reflected in the description in the transfer deed of title.


However, the bank or closing attorney generally has the survey map of the property. Infrequently the owner will record their own survey map on our records, but that is rare. Check your attorney.


The Assessor’s office has Assessor’s maps showing the lot in the subdivision, but there is no house on the property map.


Q:   I want to volunteer for a Hamden Board or Commission.  How do I do that, and what commissions are there?

A:   A resume should be sent to the Town Clerk to verify that you are a registered elector of the Town of Hamden. The resume is then sent to the Mayor for consideration if there is an opening, and the Mayor forwards to the Legislative Council for approval.  For a listing of the Commissions, the procedure and other information, click on Boards & Commissions.


Q:   Where do I file my DD214 for Military Service?

A:   Veterans who served in the military during a time of war, and own property or cars in the Town of Hamden must file their military discharge forms (DD214) with the Town Clerk’s office in order to qualify for a tax exemption.  The Assessor’s office will make the final determination of the veteran’s benefits available.

For periods of entitlement, contact numbers and other information, Click on Military Discharges.


Q:    How long is my hunting or fishing license valid?

A:    Sporting licenses are issued on a calendar year, and expire on December 31st, except lifetime licenses issued to those who are 65 years of age or older. Also Pheasant Tags are valid through early January. For listings of fees and regulations, click on: Hunting, Trapping & Sport Fishing Licenses.


Q:    Where do I register a new business?

A:    If you are doing business in the State of Connecticut, you must register a Trade Name Certificate with the Town Clerk of your town. Check with the Planning & Zoning Department to see if there are any additional requirements. Click on: Trade Name Certificates to download form, and to provide further information and restrictions.


Q:    Does the Town have a Notary Public?

A:    The Town of Hamden has five (5) Notary Publics available in the Town Clerk’s office. The fee is $5.00/document, and photo I.D. is required. See Notary Public section for certain restrictions and instructions.

Hamden Government Center • 2750 Dixwell Avenue • Hamden, CT 06518 • 203.287.7000