Planning and Zoning Department - FAQ's

Q: What zone is my property in, and is this particular use allowed?
Planning and Zoning staff will look up the address and provide you with the zone designation. The staff will advise you if a given particular use is allowed and if so, explain if it is permitted by right or by special permit or site plan approval. The staff can also explain the process for obtaining approval and answer other pertinent questions. All Planning and Zoning staff are trained to assist the public. You can reach us by calling the main number 287-7070.

Q: Is my property in a flood zone?
Planning and Zoning staff will look up the address and provide you with your flood zone designation from the Hamden Flood Insurance Rate Map based on community and panel number.

Q: What is CRS?
CRS stands for Community Rating System which is a FEMA program where flood insurance premiums are adjusted in recognition of community activities above and beyond those required by the National Flood Insurance Program. Planning and Zoning continues to play a major role in Hamden's flood damage prevention activities.This results in a 5% reduction in flood insurance premiums for Hamden residents.

Q: How soon can I get on a Planning and Zoning agenda?
The department has improved its time-line from date of application submission to date of placement on an agenda. In most cases, an applicant will be heard by the Commission within 30 days, depending on the complexity of the project and the agenda.

Q: What can be done about my neighbors poorly maintained property?
The condition should be reported to the Office of Planning and Zoning. The Planning and Zoning department functions as the enforcement agency for Town Property Maintenance Ordinance and Anti-Blight Ordinance. Document the complaint on a form provided by the Office of Planning and Zoning. This triggers an inspection and direct contact with the property owner in violation. If violation of either ordinace is found, staff will work with the property owner to correct the problem. 

Q: How do I determine if I need a variance?
The Zoning Enforcement Officials are the specialists on Zoning Regulations. Should your needs be complex, you may wish to retain an attorney. Zoning Board of Appeals applications can be obtained in the Planning and Zoning office and should be submitted to the Clerk of Boards/Commissions.

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