Basic Fee Schedule 

Town Clerk


Amended to January 1, 2016


Please refer to various sections of handbook for exemptions and exceptions.


LAND RECORDS (Sec.7-34a): (recording fees for land records increased from $53.00 to $60.00/page as of 12/1/2017.  All other fees remain the same)

Recording documents             - $66.00 first page, $5.00 each subsequent page or portion thereof.  The town receives $10.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each subsequent page. Also there is a fee of $3.00 for historic preservation ($2.00 shall be submitted monthly to the State Librarian and $1.00 retained by the Town Clerk).  Also there is a fee of $40.00 ($36.00 shall be submitted monthly to the State Treasurer to be credited to an account for land presentation, affordable housing and historic preservation and $1.00 retained by the town clerk and $3.00 retained by the town for local capital improvement projects).


(Public Act 13-247)

Recording Nominee(MERS)    Assignment/Release(Grantor only)               

                                                - $159 flat fee with no additional page fee ($127

                                                submitted to the State Treasurer and $32 retained

                                                for the town general fund).


Recording Nominee(MERS)   

Other Documents                   Mortgage, Modification, Subordination, Warranty Deed,

                                                Assumption/Amendment or Assignment/Release (Nominee

                                                is Grantee)

                                                - $159 plus $5 for each additional page

                                                ($110 submitted to the State Treasurer with $39

                                                retained for the town general fund and $10 to the

                                                town clerk fund).


Surcharges                              - $ 2.00 each transfer reportable to State.

- $ 5.00 if current mailing address of grantee not given in any deed conveying title to real estate.

- $ 1.00 if names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledging are not typed or printed under signature.


Fees paid for recording documents shall include therein payment for the return of the documents (Section 7-34a(b)).


ASSIGNMENTS                       $2.00 fee for assignments subsequent to the first two. (7-34a(a)).  Multiple assignments are limited to twenty on a single document. (7-29(b)).


CONVEYANCE TAX (Sec.12-494):

State - residential property & unimproved land -                  .0075 x consideration

            residential dwelling over $800,000 -                          .0075 x $800,000 +

                                                                                                            .0125 x amount over $800,000

             non-residential except unimproved land -                .0125 x consideration

Local - all categories-                                                                         .0025 x consideration*


            *Gives 18 towns the option of increasing their municipal real estate

conveyance tax by an additional quarter point to .005.


FILING FEES (Sec.7-34a):

Any document                                   - $ 5.00 each

Any map                                        - $10.00 each

Maps of subdivisions of 3 or more parcels      - $20.00 each



Copies of documents (in any format)            - $1.00 each page

For use of battery-powered scanner             - $20.00 per occasion

For certifying documents                       - $2.00 each

Copies of maps, surveys                        - Actual cost of reproduction

For certifying maps                            - $2.00 each


VITAL STATISTICS (Sec.7-73,7-74,7-76):

Marriage license                    - $30.00 of which $19.00 is to be forwarded to

                           the Department of Health Services by

                           the 10th day after the end of each

                           calendar quarter

Short-form birth certificate    - $15.00

Certified copy of birth,

death, marriage, civil union   - $20.00

Burial or removal permit       - $ 3.00

Cremation permit                   - $ 3.00

Copies to other towns             - $ 2.00 If the bill for such copies is less than $26.00,

no bill shall be sent.



If copying fee is not specified above, fee for copy of document (minutes, legal notices, etc.) shall not exceed .50 per page.  Fee for cost of transcription or printout shall not exceed actual cost thereof.  Fee for certifying such document shall be $2.00 for the first page and .50 for each subsequent page.  For records stored in a computer system and voter registration records, see Chapter III.



NOTARIES PUBLIC (Sec. 7-34a, 3-94n, 3-94o):

For recording:

      original commission of notary public                               - $10.00

      renewal commission                                                                     - $10.00

      change of name only                                                                    - $15.00

      change of name & change of address within town           - $15.00

      change of name & change of address to a new town      - $10.00

      change of address to new town but no change of name - $10.00

      change of address within town but no change of name -  -0-


      NOTE: Only original and renewal commissions require notary to take oath; the various changes of name and address do not require an oath.


For authenticating the signature of a notary:                                    - $ 2.00


      NOTE: Documents being sent to certain countries may need the apostille or authentication of the Secretary of the State in addition to that of the town clerk.  The document should be directed to Authentications, Secretary of the State, 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106. 


DOG LICENSES (Sec. 22-338 thru 22-352):

       Neutered male, spayed female               - $  8.00 of which $2.00 is to be sent to

                                                                                        the State Animal Population

                                                                                        Control Fund

       Male, female                                            - $ 19.00 of which $6.00 is to be sent to

                                                                                        the State Animal Population

                                                                                        Control Fund

       Late licensing penalty                                           - $  1.00 per month or fraction thereof

       Transfer of ownership                              - $  1.00 for new license/tag if already


       Lost tag                                                     - $   .50

       Change of residence (town)                     - $   .50 for new license/tag

       Kennel licenses                                         - $ 50.00 plus .10 per tag for 10 tags

                                                                                     - $100.00 plus .10 per tag for more

                                                                                          than 10 tags

       Guide dog                                                  - FREE

The town clerk shall retain $1.00 for each license issued, $2.00 for each kennel license issued, and .50 for each replacement tag issued.




All licenses are valid for the calendar year, except pheasant tags which are valid from October through February. Licenses and Permits to hunt, trap and fish are available online, at some sporting good stores and DEEP offices.  To buy licenses online, or for a listing of places that sell licenses, go to:

Hamden Government Center • 2750 Dixwell Avenue • Hamden, CT 06518 • 203.287.7000