Boards and Commissions

General Information
The Town of Hamden has over 37 volunteer boards and commissions with over 275 citizen volunteers participating. Please click HERE to go to an alphabetical listing for all boards and commissions.

These boards have been created either by town charter, town ordinance or state statute. They have three, four, five or six-year terms of appointment, created by expiration of appointment, or vacancies created by resignation, moving out of town or death. You can be re-appointed to a board & commission.

How to Apply:
Write a letter of interest addressed to:
Vera A. Morrison, Town Clerk
Hamden Government Center
2750 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518

Please attach a current resume of your life’s experience, work and education as well as any civic activities you have participated in Hamden or elsewhere. In short, a thumbnail sketch of yourself. If you do not have a resume, include this information in your letter.

Upon receipt of your letter, the resume is forwarded to the Mayor for consideration of appointment. Per Hamden Charter 5-5: "The Mayor shall nominate an individual and submit the nomination to the Legislative Council, which shall approve or disapprove the Mayor’s selection."

You must be a resident elector of the town of Hamden; i.e., a registered voter in Hamden to participate per the Town Charter.

IMPORTANT: Sending in a resume does not guarantee a seat on a commission.

Freedom of Information
Under Connecticut Freedom of information law, the public is entitled to obtain records and attend meetings of all public agencies – with certain limited exemptions:
1) Meetings must be open to the public, except certain limited situations.
2) You may inspect public records during regular office hours. However, copies, printouts and transcripts should be requested in writing.

Agendas and minutes of Hamden’s Boards & Commissions are available in the Town Clerk’s office. Agendas are available 24 hours prior to the meeting, and minutes should be available 7 days after the public meeting.

If you have any questions concerning your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, contact:

Freedom of Information Commission
18-20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel No. (860) 566-5682
Toll-Free (CT only) (866) 374-3617
Fax No. (860) 566-6474
OR click on:


Hamden Government Center • 2750 Dixwell Avenue • Hamden, CT 06518 • 203.287.7000