Dog License Fees

Town Clerk

Neutered male, Spayed female $8.00*
Male, Female unspayed, un-neutered $19.00**
Late licensing penalty (per month) $1.00
Transfer of Ownership (if already issued) $1.00
Replacement for Lost current tag $ .50
Change of residence (another town in CT) $ .50

*$2.00 is sent to State Animal Population Control Fund.

**Effective 10/1/03, the fee to license a Male or Female unspayed/not neutered dog is now $19.00 per animal (plus penalty, if applicable).
$6.00 is sent to State Animal Population Control Fund.

Other Fees:
10 Tag Kennel $51.00**
20 Tag Kennel $104.00
Guide Dog FREE

**Any owner or keeper of a kennel who breeds more than two litters must apply for a kennel license. (Check Town of Hamden Zoning Regulations for licensing requirements of a kennel.)

Kennel licenses $50.00
plus .10 per tag for 10 tags $100.00 plus .10 per tag for more than 10 tags

The town clerk shall retain $1.00 for each license issued, and $2.00 for each kennel license issued.

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