Campaign Finance Filings

Town Clerk

Campaign finance disclosure documents for candidates or political committees for municipal office only are filed with the Town Clerk. Town committees shall file with both the Town Clerk and the Secretary of State.

Forms establishing such committees are available from the Town Clerk’s office or the Secretary of State’s office designating the name of the committee, who will act as treasurer, and the banking institution where the checking account is established.

The campaign treasurer must be an elector in the State of Connecticut, and must not be the candidate.

Each candidate for a municipal office must be law either:

1) Register a candidate committee by completing and filing a "Candidate Committee Registration Statement" (SEEC Form 1 and 1A) or
2) File a "Certification of Exemption from Forming a Candidate Committee" (SEEC Form 1 and 1B)

Within TEN DAYS with the Town Clerk under state law. These forms are available from either the Town Clerk or State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Disclosure documents are due quarterly on the 10th day of January, April, July and October, and the 7th day preceding an election or primary. Post-election reports are due per the filing schedule established by the Secretary of State’s office and State Elections Enforcement Commission.

There is a late penalty fee for filing reports of $100.00, payable to the Town Clerk under the state law.

For list of contact numbers and publications available from the State of Connecticut, please click on Campaign Finance - Contact Numbers (76.1 KB)

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