Energy Use & Climate Change Commission


Meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 7 PM in Hamden Government Center, 3RD FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM, unless otherwise noted.

2019 Meeting Schedule

Mission Statement: The Hamden Energy Use & Climate Change Commission was formed for two reasons: 1) to help our town reduce its energy footprint in the interest of reducing its impact on Global Warming, and 2) to assist the town in making wise investments in terms of energy use and efficiency in the interest of saving the town money. To accomplish these twin goals, the Commission will, among other things, look for areas of inefficiency within the town and make recommendations for improving overall efficiency of the town’s buildings, fleet, etc., investigate and promote alternative power generation technologies, and encourage residents to take a proactive stance on energy use to improve our town, both environmentally and financially.

This commission consists of nine members, with no more than five of the same political party.  This three-year appointment is recommended by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the Legislative Council.

This commission meets the 2nd Monday of each month in the evening, except as noted.

Rev. 1.18

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Current Members (Updated 11-14-18)

  • David Cooper
  • Martin Mador
  • Sappani Kumar
  • Christina Crowder
  • Laurence E. Rosenthal
  • Susan Kulis
  • Salman Hamid
  • Brendan Smith
  • Alison DeMaio
  • Clerk Cathy Gempka

Hamden Government Center • 2750 Dixwell Avenue • Hamden, CT 06518 • 203.287.7000