Sidewalk Installations

The Town of Hamden is planning on installing new sidewalks to connect areas where there are currently no sidewalks. This project seeks to develop a fully walkable sidewalk corridor in the Town of Hamden. The proposed project will bridge currently unconnected sidewalk routes located within a number of residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. Construction goals include the extension and connection of existing sidewalk routes and the installation of curb ramps and crosswalks. There will also be some pavement markings and traffic light changes.

Funding for Specific Streets

The Town has applied for and received a grant for sidewalk installations along portions of Augur Street, Benham Street, Davis Street, and Treadwell Avenue. The Town currently anticipates installing the sidewalks starting in 2020. We anticipate this amount of time to design and permit the project based on the grant requirements.

History of Project

Previous public outreach for this project can be found within the 2012 Hamden East-West Transportation Study and the 2014 Hamden Traffic Calming Study. Results of the 2012 Hamden East-West Transportation Study were presented to the public on November 30th, 2011.

Additionally, a public survey regarding regular activities in applicable residential neighborhoods was conducted, and returned findings that demonstrated a large majority of activities in Hamden neighborhoods are pedestrian in nature. Results of the 2014 Hamden Traffic Calming Study were presented to the public on June 26th, 2013.

A public workshop which included an interactive survey and presentation of existing conditions was held on May 22nd, 2013.

Opinion Survey

Prior to engaging an engineering firm to design the sidewalks, the Town of Hamden is conducting a survey of local residents for input. Your opinion will be used by the Town to create guidelines for the engineering firm. We have added space for feedback where you can add comments and suggestions. We encourage you to fill these suggestion boxes out so we can properly address any concerns you may have.

No personal or identifying information will be requested, only very basic demographic information Please participate in the survey via Survey Monkey.

Public Meeting

We greatly appreciate your time in providing your opinion about the sidewalk installations.  The Town is planning a public informational meeting at preliminary design and we hope to have answers to some of your suggestions and questions.

Please check this site and other public notices for additional information on this project as available.