Skiff Street Bridge Replacement over Route 15

Project Number 61-152 involves the rehabilitation of Bridge Number 00783, which is a two-span, continuous, steel frame bridge located approximately 0.8 miles north of Exit 60 on Route 15.

Past Work

  • The bridge was built in 1948.
  • A 7 feet high fence was installed in front of the original metal bridge rail in 1975.
  • The bridge was painted and the fascia of the parapets were rebuilt and metal beam rail was bolted to the original curb in front of the fence and bridge rail in 1983.

Proposed Work

The proposed rehabilitation of the structure includes: 

  • Deck replacement with a slightly wider out-to-out width
  • Installing sidewalks along both sides of the bridge
  • Repairs to and full painting of the structural steel
  • Substructure repairs