Pond Restoration - 555 Paradise Avenue

Growth of Vegetation at 55 Paradise AvenueThe park consists of a passive recreational field, a scenic historic farm pond often referred to as the “Duck Pond” (which was historically used for ice skating), and an upland wetlands brook which flows towards an earthen berm and concrete outfall structure that regulate the flow from the pond. The park is currently maintained by the Parks Division of the Public Works Department. 

The Town of Hamden is engaging the design services from a consultant to survey the property, then plan and oversee pond and brook restoration of the park pond and adjacent area. The goal is to restore the pond and outflow brook by removing accumulated sediment, restore and enhance the perimeter vegetation, and improve flood storage to the existing passive recreation park. 

Due to extensive permitting requirements, we anticipate the project to take approximately 3 years before construction may begin.

Current Status

The Town has conducted public outreach and the CTDEEP through an NRCS grant is evaluating the two flood control dams below this park.  The public consensus at the public meeting was to hold until the study of the flood control dams is completed. 

The Engineering Department continues to contact the NRCS and CTDEEP for updates.