Annual Paving Program

2022 Paving Program

Budget and Scope

The total capital investment in road paving during 2022 will total approximately $3 million which includes:

  • Bituminous pavement
  • Installation of drainage systems
  • Milling
  • Replacement of catch basins in paving locations.

Paving Locations

Paving locations were determined jointly between Town of Hamden Public Works and the Engineering Department. Work on the Fall 2022 paving list was completed in late August and was finalized in preparation for mid-September paving. The paving list was determined by a variety of factors, including severity of road condition, proximity to community assets such as schools and parks, the last time the road was paved, traffic counts, and an independent Road Pavement Evaluation recently updated by the Town.

This paving list has been shared with local utilities to avoid paving areas where significant work is expected in the near future.

A complete list of roadways scheduled for paving is found on the map below.