Chatterton Way Culvert Repair Project


The Town of Hamden is planning on conducting repairs to the culvert which carries Jepp Brook under Chatterton Way. The proposed work is to structurally line the existing culvert in place. By lining the culvert, the road will not have to be closed and the disruption to the road and brook will be minimized.

The Town has completed the design and is working with the CTDEEP and the Army Corps of Engineers to obtain the final permits.  Once the permits are obtained and the State funds the State/Local Bridge grant program, the Town will be ready to repair the bridge.

Opinion Survey

There is a SurveyMonkey survey available for your feedback

Wetlands Permit

The Town obtained the local wetlands permit with a discussion during the May 2019 meeting of the Hamden Inland Wetlands Commission.  We are still waiting on the CTDEEP permits.

What to Expect

Just before construction starts, you can expect to see white paint markings and other color pavement markings where the existing culvert is located. This will not occur until the construction phase which is some months away. 

The road will be open for local traffic and emergency vehicles at all times; however significant delays can be anticipated for local traffic. One lane will be needed for the construction equipment during the work day but the road will remain open to traffic. There will be construction equipment and workers in the roadway. Please use caution and leave the crews plenty of work space.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to the culvert being repaired.