2019 Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD)

As mandated by State Statute, Hamden's Planning and Zoning Commission recently began work on the new Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The POCD is a statement of policies, goals and standards for the physical and economic development of the municipality. It's intended to establish a common vision for our future and then determine policies that will help attain that vision. It will address the physical, economic and social development of the Town. The goals and recommendations are intended to reflect an overall consensus of what is considered desirable for Hamden and its residents in the future. 

Group Involvement

Preparation of the POCD will involve participation by Town departments, various commissions and members of the public. There will be a series of meetings open to the public. This web page will display a variety of documents that go into the making of the POCD as well as drafts and updates on the project's status.


The deadline for completion and acceptance of the POCD is September 2019. We are now in the initial phase, which involves the gathering of extensive information about current and projected trends. It includes interviews and surveys of key staff and members of the public. The results of the initial research will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission at its meeting on September 25th by our consultants, Planimetrics and Camoin Associates. The public is welcome to attend.