Voting Districts & Maps

Hamden is divided into nine voting districts for both local elections and for state and federal elections. Generally, local elections are held in odd years and state and federal elections are held in even years. Most, but not all, residents will have the same polling place for local and state/federal elections.

Local Voting (Town Council) District Information

For local elections, voting districts correspond to 2023 Hamden Legislative Council District Map. Council district boundaries are established by a town redistricting committee every ten years based on town population as measured by the U.S. Census. District boundaries may be revised in the intervening years by the Legislative Council.

Voting Districts & Maps

State/Federal District Information

For state and federal elections, voting districts are based on Connecticut State Senate and Assembly districts as established by the State Legislature. Hamden falls within the 11th and 17th State Senatorial Districts and within the 88th, 91st, 94th, 103rd, and 114th State Assembly Districts. The entire town falls within the 3rd U.S. Congressional District.