Special Instructions for College Students

If you are attending school and living away from home, you can choose to register and vote using either your address at school or your permanent home address. If you choose to use your home address, you can vote by absentee ballot. To register for an absentee ballot, visit your home state's voter registration website. Note that absentee ballots need to be applied for and completed before the day of the election and each state may have different qualifications.

For example, if you are a Massachusetts resident attending Quinnipiac University and living in Hamden, you can register and vote either in Massachusetts or in Hamden. If you are a Hamden resident attending college elsewhere, you can register and vote either in Hamden or at your school. Please call our office 203-287-7081 if you have any questions.

Instructions for Quinnipiac Students Wishing to Vote in Hamden

If you choose to register and vote in Hamden, fill out the Connecticut Voter Registration Form and send it to Hamden Registrars of Voters. Be sure to bring your current, valid Student ID to the polls.

Please note these special guidelines for filling out your registration form:

  • Box 5. "Address Where You Live": If you live in a dorm or residence hall, fill in your dorm name and room number. If you live off-campus, fill in the street address and apartment number of your housing.
  • Box 6. "Address Where You Get Your Mail": If you live in a dorm, we require that you indicate your campus mailbox in this space for address verification. Write "275 Mt. Carmel Avenue" and include your box number.

Note: If you have indicated a dorm in Box 5, your address will appear as "275 Mt. Carmel Avenue" on the voting list.

Updating Your Address

When you move to off-campus housing from a dorm, or move from one off-campus address to another, your voting residence changes. This may affect which candidates you are eligible to vote for in elections. For this reason, it is essential that you update your address when you move. However, you do not need to inform us of summer addresses.

To change your address, fill out a new voter registration form.

Quinnipiac students: you do not need to update your address if you move from one dorm room to another.

Removing Your Name from the Voting List

If you want to have your name removed from the Hamden voting list, fill out a Removal Form and send it to the Hamden Registrars of Voters located at:
2750 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518