Through Trucks

First we must explain the term "NO THRU TRUCKS". A through truck is one that passes through a town without having an origin or destination in that town. If a truck originates or has a scheduled stop within that town it would not be affected by a through truck prohibition.

Through Truck Prohibition Required Actions

There are certain actions required by the State Traffic Commission (STC) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding requests for a through truck prohibition. Section 14-298 of the General Statutes of Connecticut grants authority to the STC by the following, concerning the prohibition of through truck traffic:

Said Commission shall also make regulations, in cooperation and agreement with local traffic authorities, respecting the use by through truck traffic on streets and highways within the limits of and under the jurisdiction of any city, town or borough of this state for the protection and safety of the public.

A request for a through truck prohibition should be initiated by the town's legal traffic authority, and sent to the STC, which will then forward it to the Division of Traffic Engineering for investigation.

Study Information

The study includes: 

  • Field measurements of the width of the road
  • Number and character of intersecting roads
  • Number and severity of curves and grades
  • Roadside character and development
  • Sight line restrictions
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic control devices
  • Volume and character of traffic

If the investigation indicates that the road may not be adequate for through trucks, then a reasonable alternate route must be available before a through truck prohibition will be pursued.

Next Steps

The completed report with the recommendation(s) is forwarded to the STC. The study and recommendations are discussed at a meeting of the STC. Town representatives and residents are welcome to attend these meetings to express their viewpoints. The STC may choose to approve, reject or table the report for further study.

Trucks may be prohibited by weight class on town-maintained roads by a town ordinance. In such cases 'NO THRU TRUCKS" or "THRU TRUCKS PROHIBITED" may not be used.