Hamden Youth Services (HYSB)


The mission of the Hamden Youth Services (HYS) Bureau is to create and foster opportunities for all Hamden youth and their families to learn and grow in positive ways. The Hamden Youth Services Bureau was established in 1975 as a municipal department of the Town of Hamden. The Hamden Youth Services Bureau seeks to improve the quality of life for the children, youth and families of Hamden by providing a variety of programs and services. The Youth Services Bureau provides programs in the areas of Youth Employment, through sixth grade, Substance Abuse Prevention, Positive Youth Development, Delinquency Prevention, Youth Recreation, Information and Referral, Parent Education, Arts and Cultural events, Youth Enrichment activities, Community Teen Activities and Seasonal events and activities. 

Programming takes place at the Keefe Community Center and in all Hamden schools and at various community sites.


  1. Susan Rubino

    Youth Services Coordinator

  2. Jeremy Newton

    Clerk Typist