As one of the Elections officials, the Town Clerk's office administers issuing applications for absentee ballots, prepares the ballots and forwards them to qualified electors, issues voter identification cards, and records campaign finance statements.

This office is responsible for the preparation and printing of all election materials, compiling final election results for transmission to the Secretary of State’s office, and publishing all legal notices regarding municipal, state and federal elections.

This office can also register residents to become voters in Hamden.

Hamden Municipal Election - November 7, 2023


The polling locations are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm at the following locations:

District 1 -  Miller Library 2901 Dixwell Avenue

District 2 - Booker T. Washington Academy 306 Circular Avenue

District 3 - Keefe Community Center 11 Pine St

District 4 - Spring Glen School 1908 Whitney Ave.

District 5 - Board of Education Building 60 Putnam Ave

District 6 - Ridge Hill School 120 Carew Rd

District 7 - Dunbar Hill School 315 Lane St

District  8 - Bear Path School 10 Kirk Rd.

District 9 - West Woods School 350 West Todd St

* District 1 polling place, Miller Library, is the only poll outside of its respective district boundary for the Primary/Nov election. District 1 polling place is situated in adjacent District 4, pursuant to CGS 9-168b.

A copy of the sample absentee & poll ballots for each of the nine voting districts are below. 

Primary Voting Instructions: 

  • The name or names of party endorsed candidates appear first in each vertical column and the name of each party-endorsed candidate is marked with an asterisk. if there is no party endorsement, the designation "no party endorsement" appears under the office or position designation.
  • Each candidate's oval is located just above his name; so be sure to fill in the oval of each candidate for whom you wish to vote.
  • There is no write-in voting at primaries.

Election Documents