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Physical Books of Land RecordsAs the keeper of Hamden’s permanent records, the Town Clerk’s duties are dictated by state statute as to the legal recording, processing, microfilming of land records into an electronic filing system, indexed daily for easy retrieval in a daybook and general indices. This office collects local and state conveyance taxes for the Town of Hamden and the State Department of Revenue Services, generating revenues for both.

The Town Clerk’s office maintains permanent records pertaining to property transactions such as property transfers in warranty deeds or quitclaim deeds, or encumbrances against property such as mortgage deeds, liens, easements and certain probate matters. Land Record maps (including subdivision maps, site plans, and easements), condominium documents and maps are processed and filed with this office. Occasionally, individual survey maps are filed with us, but generally the banks keep these.

This office provides information and assistance to title searchers, attorneys, and members of the general public.

Things the Office Cannot Do

  • Give title information over the telephone because of liability issues
  • Notarize land documents to be recorded in Hamden
  • Prepare legal documents such as releases, liens, etc.
  • Professional title searching, but we are happy to assist with the process

Additionally, no town tax or sewer use liens are included in the land records index.

Record Requirements

All legal documents recorded in Connecticut must have original signatures, are witnessed by two individuals and are notarized with original seals.

Fees Schedule

Please see the 2020 Summary of Clerk Fees (PDF) for information on the following:

  • Conveyance Tax
  • Copies, Certified Copies of Land Records, Maps
  • Filing Fees
  • Land Records

Additional Information

To get further information visit the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services website, or their office at:
25 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT 06106

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services can be phoned at 860-297-4900 and faxed at 860-297-5714.

Conveyance Rates

Municipal Conveyance Rate

Municipal conveyance tax rate will be $0.0050  (on all sales transactions over $2,000). Hamden is one of the 18 target towns allowed the $0.0050 municipal rate.

State Conveyance Rate

The state conveyance rate remains at $0.0075 until further notice. Refer to the Basic Fee Schedule (PDF) for other rates over $800,000.