Energy & Conservation Programs

The Town of Hamden is very proud to partner with United Illuminating (UI), Energize Connecticut, and SolSmart Connecticut to provide our residents with helpful information, programs, and events geared towards the conservation of energy and the reduction of costs associated with residential energy use. Take a look in the following for all of our currently active programs and partnerships, and please feel free to contact the Town's Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Kathleen Schomaker, at 203-287-7036 or by email with any questions you may have.

  1. SolSmart - Hamden
  2. Home Energy Services
  3. Sustainable Connecticut
  4. Louis Astorino Ice Rink LED Project
  5. Environmental Services Fair

SolSmart provides recognition and no-cost technical assistance to help local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth. With the help of our team of national and local experts, cities, counties, and towns are cutting red tape to make it easier for homes and businesses to go solar. Local governments that achieve these goals are eligible for SolSmart designation, providing national recognition that they are "open for solar business." By encouraging solar energy development at the local level, SolSmart helps local governments bring new businesses to their community, promote economic growth, and foster the creation of new jobs.

Hamden will leverage SolSmart to develop and execute a solarize campaign, expand and communicate solar finance options for residential and commercial properties, and install solar energy systems on key local government facilities. In order to measure progress along the way, Hamden will track key metrics related to solar energy deployment, such as installed solar capacity and the number of installations across sectors.

View an interactive map of Connecticut Solar communities.

SolSmart Funding

SolSmart is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative and supports its goal of making it faster, cheaper, and easier to go solar.