2024 Sponsors

Hamden's 18th Annual Earth Day Celebration Sponsorship Opportunities

The Town of Hamden's 2024 Earth Day Celebration Committee is now offering sponsorship opportunities to our local businesses and institutional organizations. The Hamden Earth Day Celebration is a free, one-day, family-oriented celebration that draws approximately 2000-3000 visitors annually and provides the community with a wealth of knowledge, information and unique experiences centered around the preservation of our home, Planet Earth. Admission to this event, and all related attractions, are made free and open to the public, which means we rely heavily on the kindness of our sponsors to make this event a success. Your donation of $100 or more will enhance the quality of activities, refreshments, performers provided as well as aid in the sharing of earth-friendly marketing materials ensuring the importance of Earth Day is shared with as many community members as possible.

To get involved and have your business/organization/brand seen by the thousands of people who attend Earth Day, and thousands more who follow our social media channels, please use this Sponsorship Opportunity Form to choose the sponsorship package you want your community to know you for. Donations also accepted online here: https://hamdenct.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1084/record-types/6465

Sponsorship packages range from $100 to $1000

2024 Sponsors - Thank you !

The list will be updated as sponsorships come in. 

As of 2-20-24

          Individual & Small Business

         Community Sponsors

Connecticut Humanities

Dunbar United Church of Christ

Kumon Math & Reading Center of Hamden

      Supporting Sponsors 

Product and Service Giveaways

Earth Day Documents