EMS Billing Policy

Town of Hamden SealScope

The Town of Hamden has implemented an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Paramedic Fee (EPF) for the purpose of medical cost reimbursement to the taxpayers of Hamden for costs associated with the delivery of emergency para-medicine services.

EMS Paramedic Fee

Hamden Fire Department (HFD) Paramedic assistance to the hospital on to board a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance.

On scene HFD Paramedic assessment of a patient who is subsequently transported to the hospital on to board a BLS ambulance (without ride-in HFD assistance).

Collection Type

A third party billing service shall be contracted to collect the EPF from Medicare, Medicaid, and private medical insurance companies in a format, whereby no resident of Hamden or estate thereof shall be held personally liable for medical services delivered by the Hamden Fire Department.

Fee Establishment

The Town of Hamden shall follow the usual and customary paramedic reimbursement rate set by Medicare and the State of Connecticut.

Paramedic Intercept: $780

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Assessment: $407

Service Level

The service level delivered at all EMS emergencies shall not be affected by EPF billing.

Billing System

The third party billing service shall attempt to collect the EPF fee (from Medicare or Medicaid) on behalf of the Town of Hamden through an agreement with American Medical Response (AMR) and by directly billing private insurance companies when that information is available. In the unlikely event a resident receives an invoice from the third party billing service, it should be referred to their private insurance carrier for disposition, or by calling LifeQuest 800-786-4911 to give insurance information over the phone.

Third Party Billing Contract

The contractual agreement between the Town of Hamden and the third party billing agency shall be subject to the recommendation of the Mayor and approval of the Legislative Council.

Transfer of Funds

Funds collected by the third party billing agency shall be remitted to the Town of Hamden, Finance Department, in accordance with the contractual written agreement.

Third Party Billing Service

LifeQuest Services
N2930 State Road 22
Wautoma, WI 54982-5267

Phone: 800-786-4911 (Patient Line)

Term of Billing Policy

Concurrent with contractual agreement with LifeQuest Services or until amended by the Town of Hamden and re to published.