Brooksvale - 2010-2015


•    Butterfly Walk with Andy Brand on June 26. Great turnout!
•    Parks & Recreation Director Frank Rizzuti retires
•    Third Farm Camp at the park now being run by Hamden Dept. of Arts, Recreation & Culture. Farm camp enrollment at capacity


•    Public Maple Sugaring Day in March a HUGE success! Sunburns were even acquired on some
•    FOB kicks off the New Animal Barn project with a Wine Tasting fundraiser at DeMil’s on Whitney
•    Fourth Farm Camp season is successful once again
•    A Pasta Dinner is held at Dunbar United Church to raise funds for the New Animal Barn


•    Public Maple Sugaring OPEN HOUSE day absolutely wonderful with close to 500 visiting throughout the day
•    March 10 --a ceremonial Groundbreaking takes place where the new Animal Barn will be built. Present from the FOB board of officers were Fred McCarthy – President (new 2013), Gail Traester – Vice President, James Traester – Treasurer and Kirsten Walker – Secretary. Also present were Ranger Vin Lavorgna, Mayor Scott Jackson, Park Maintainer Ed Colavolpe, Legislative Council Representative Al Gorman and many, many supporters and friends from the various town departments
•    New Animal Barn is being built!
•    5th Camp Season (Nature & Farm Camp) comes to a close the first week of August but with lower attendance than previously
•    September 28, New Animal Barn presented to the town at the 14th Annual Brooksvale Fall Festival
•    Fall Festival LARGEST EVER and the decision to move to last Saturday in September was great. Weather was awesome!


  • Arrival of two new miniature horses, Lacey and Hazel, to accompany Lightning after the passing of her mother, Tina. The Park now has three miniature horses, two pygmy goats, two Dorset sheep, rabbits, and chickens