The Chicken Pen

Hi all! We are a flock of Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and mixed breed hens. There is also one White Crested Black Polish rooster. The Barred Rocks are three years old, the Reds are two years old, and the Buff Orpingtons and mixed breed hens are under a year old. The Barred Rocks have a black and white striped pattern and are friendly birds. The mixed breed chickens are mothered by the Barred Rocks and New Hampshire Reds, and are fathered by a White Crested Black Polish rooster. The New Hampshire Reds are a dark red/brown color with black on their tails, which distinguishes them from Rhode Island Reds. All of the chickens are used in the camp program during the summer when they arrive as chicks. Campers learn how to feed, give water, handle the chicks, and collect eggs from the older hens. When visiting the chickens, they will probably come up to the fence and do their usual squawking and it’s because they think you have food for them, so please watch your fingers!