Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring Day was in March of 2019

Each year in later winter, as the days start to lengthen, the Sugar Maple trees at the park are tapped for their sweet sap. Collected, boiled down and bottled, Maple Syrup is made in Brooksvale Park's very own Sugar Shack.

During the month of February, Hamden's 4th grade students come to the park and attend a 90-minute Maple Sugaring program. From learning the early origins, history and tales of the discovery of maple sugaring, to present day technologies and culinary uses, students and teachers enjoy learning how sap goes from tree to table.

The Friends of Brooksvale Park supports this educational program in many ways by volunteering their time and purchasing needed sugaring supplies. When you see the steam rising from the Sugar Shack and smell the wood smoke, you'll know Sugarin's going on. Feel free to stop by and visit. Sugarmakers are known to love sharing their sweet story!