About the "Hamden Community Emergency Response Team" (CERT)

Hamden CERT Members are always encouraged to support emergency response agencies and community organizations by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in our community.

Our Vision

Using the skills and training learned in the classroom during exercises, CERT Members can assist their family members and others in their neighborhood or workplace following an emergency incident when Professional 1st Responders are not immediately available to help.

Our Mission

During emergencies, the mission of Hamden CERT is three-fold. 1st, to first assist Our Families, then 2nd, Our Neighbors and finally 3rd, Our community. After meeting the needs of our family and neighbors, our primary mission is to assist our Hamden Police and Fire Services along with our community during any extended emergency operation. 

In non-emergencies, we operate as a team alongside our first responders, especially during large, planned public events. During large-scale emergencies that would deplete the on-duty personnel, we work to supplement them.  Two of our major functions have been rehabilitation of our first responders because of extended operations during severe weather conditions and providing assistance to displaced citizens. "We are honored to be a division of the Hamden Fire Department and a major partner in the structure of Hamden’s Office of Emergency Management."

                     Hamden Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a CERT Member? 

Contact the Hamden Fire Department at 203-407-5880 or via the webpage at www.hamdencert.com for becoming a team member. 

How can I find out about upcoming classes and locations? 

Visit the Hamden CERT Webpage about our 2 Basic CERT Classes that are held each year at the Dunbar Hill Fire Station #8. (www.hamdencert.com) 

Next scheduled Basic Class will be February 2022! 

How long are the classes?

There are 8 – 2.5-hour sessions that are held for each class. By FEMA Standards, each class must cover 20 hours of instruction for FEMA Certification. 

Who teaches the classes & what subjects are involved with the CERT Program? 

The classes are taught by Certified CERT Instructors & trained emergency personnel, including Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers and Emergency Medical Personnel. Training consists of:

  1. Disaster Preparation/Emergency Management
  2. Basic First Aid & Disaster First Aid & Triage 
  3. Disaster Psychology and Team Organization
  4. Control of Home Utilities & Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguisher Training
  5. Urban Search & Rescue, Logistical Support for Search Teams
  6. Situation Awareness, Terrorism Awareness
  7. Light Search & Rescue Operations
  8. Course Review and Disaster Simulations

 Who can take the training and are any special skills needed? 

Any Hamden resident 18 years or older, neighborhood watch, community organization, place of worship, school staff, workplace employees and other groups may take the training. No special skills are required, just the willingness to learn the skills necessary to survive a disaster. All residents are encouraged to attend the training. 

 What is the cost for CERT Training?

CERT Training is provided free of charge within the state to anyone 18 years of age or older. (Must be 18 years of age by end of class, graduation)

Seasonal Activities

Fall Season - September to December

As the leaves start to turn and the days get shorter, Hamden CERT prepares for the start of the heating season, brush fires and the added call volume that increases during the fall season. The extensive call volume for the Hamden Fire Department at this time of year keeps their units and personnel very busy and Hamden CERT is always available to assist when needed. 

Besides planned events, Hamden CERT is always ready 24/7 for any emergency that may be extended into an additional operational period.

Winter Season - December to March

With the start of winter, Hamden CERT members prepare their personal gear for colder weather and restock their Mobile Command Unit/ Firefighter Rebab Unit with heating equipment and supplies. The CERT Mobile Command Vehicle "EM44" is one of the major assets of Hamden Fire Department to help displaced citizens from residential fires and also helps to rehab firefighters during extended operations. 

Hamden CERT Volunteers are always ready to shelter or warm displaced residents for hours, if necessary, until firefighters could assist them back into their homes to retrieve their personal belongings and any other valuables.

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