Annual Report 2019

The Hamden CERT Program had a very busy year providing service to the Hamden Community. Along with the many Planned Community Events the team was also active with Public Service, Emergency Activations, Emergency Preparedness, Public Education and our ongoing training schedule. Hamden CERT provided logistical support to Hamden Fire Department, Hamden Police Department, Hamden Parks & Recreation, Town Center Park Commission, Hamden Arts, Keefe Community Center, and the Hamden Veteran’s Commissions along with the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters. We also were instrumental in the 2019 Hamden Holiday Food & Toy Drives that took place over the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Seasons!

On April 11th, we graduated 9 students from our 15th CERT Basic Training Class at the Dunbar Hill Fire Station.  We conducted our 2nd class (Hamden CERT Basic Training Class #16) that started in September and graduated 12 students on October 16th.  For more information on our program or the next upcoming free CERT Basic Training Class starting on March 4th, 2020 contact us on Facebook, Twitter or our website at: Here are the details of our activity for 2019.

Emergency Calls - 9 Emergency Activations included Call-Outs for 5 Residential Structure Fires where we assisted displaced occupants and supplied rehabilitation services for our firefighters. CERT assisted with one Warming Center at the Miller Senior Center on January 21st and 2 Cooling Centers that were offered at Miller Senior Center and the Keefe community Center over the weekend of July 20th & July 21st.  Another emergency activation was to assist the Hamden Police Department with the search for a missing person on December 3rd.

Planned Community Events – 13 Request for assistance and logistical support that included: our Fireworks and Summer Concert Series along with the Memorial Day Parade Set-up, Hamden Expo, Brooksvale Fall Festival, The Hamden Festival & Road Race, Earth Day, (2) Food Truck Festivals and the Silver Bells Holiday Venue.

Public Service/Public Education – 29 We offered over 40 hours of basic training to our civilian residents along with review classes for our sworn members at our 2 Basic Training Classes. Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Information is also distributed throughout the year at special events, with classes given to community agencies on request.

Team Meetings/Training Sessions – 15 As always, safety is a priority for our community and our team members. We study all subjects that keep us aware of hazards as we stay focused on the safety of our community and our team members. Training sessions are done at each monthly meeting along with seminars and Citizen Corp sponsored events. Twenty Six (26) of our members also took a 2 hours course on “Narcan” treatment for overdose victims.

Hamden CERT Members, acting as a major part of Hamden’s Office of Emergency Management volunteered their services over 70 times during the year 2019 to assist our First Responders, Town Officials, Town Commissions, Students, Guests, Neighboring Communities and our Hamden Residents.

We would like to thank Mayor Curt Leng, Fire Chief Gary Merwede, Assistant Fire Chief Charles Lubowicki, the Hamden Police Department, Hamden Legislative Council, Hamden Rotary Club, Dunbar Hill Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Community for their continuing support of the Hamden CERT Program. As always, it has been an honor to serve our community this year with 3,672 service hours and to work alongside of our Town Officials and our Police and Fire Department Personnel when called upon.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. Freeman Jr.