Annual Report 2022

Annual Report, Hamden CERT 2021


The Hamden CERT Program had a very busy 17th year providing service to the Hamden Community during the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Because of the many demanding conditions caused by the pandemic, the Hamden CERT Members have continued to step up to assist many of our town partners with logistical and public safety support. Hamden CERT provided logistical support to Hamden Fire Department, Hamden Police Department, Hamden Community Services, Hamden Youth Center, the Hamden Mayor’s Office, Hamden Youth Services, Hamden Board of Education, Hamden Public Works along with other local Health Services, Places of Worship & Charitable Organizations.  

Emergency Calls - 19 Emergency Activations included 12 related to the COVID-19 Pandemic: 9 Food Distributions & 3 Vaccination Clinics along with activations that included 5 Multiple Alarm Structure Fires, where we assisted displaced occupants and supplied rehabilitation services for our firefighters. (Unfortunately, 2 of these residential fires were Fatal Fires!) On 3 occasions in March & April, we assisted the Quinnipiac Valley Health District with COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics held at Thorton, Wilder Hall. Our team members totaled 840 service hours during emergency activations. 

Planned Community Events –17Now that we have partially recovered from some of the social distancing mandates at Community Events, we received 17 requests for assistance and logistical support for planned/scheduled events that included: assisting The Mayor’s Office with 3 Drive-in Movie Nights, a Food Truck Festival and the Annual Brooksvale Fall Festival.  We also supported our Community Services Department and Hamden Volunteer Firefighters with 5 Holiday Toy & Food Drives. Our team members totaled 723 service hours during planned events. 

Public Service/Public Education – 22, After our March Basic Training Class #17 was suspended because of the pandemic, we were able to complete it virtually for our civilian residents and concluded with their graduation on March 17th.  Class #18 was conducted virtually also and graduated on April 8th. Class #19 was conducted in person and graduated on October 21st. We graduated over 30 individuals combined, from these 3 classes. Our services to the Hamden Department of Community Services and the Hamden Board of Education continued throughout the year with 2 days of Middle School Graduations in June, along with 9 of the BOE Monthly Food Distributions. Our team members totaled 414 service hours dedicated to Public Service and Public Education. 

Team Meetings/Training Sessions – 9 As always, “Safety” is a priority for our community and also, our team members. We study all subjects that keep us aware of hazards as we stay focused on the safety of our community and our team members. Twenty-three (23) of our members attended an “Advanced First Aid Class that included: CPR & AED Recertification” sponsored by the students from: Quinnipiac University Emergency Management Services.  Because of the many CDC COVID-19 restrictions, many of our meetings and trainings took place virtually through the Zoom Format.  Our team members totaled 513 total hours dedicated to training, meetings and planning this year. 

For more information on our program or the next upcoming free CERT Basic Training Class starting in February 2022 contact us on Facebook, Twitter or our website at:

At this time, we would like to mention that our team suffered a devastating loss on November 29th when our Team Member Carol Teodosio, passed unexpectedly. Carol was the heart and soul of our Hamden CERT Program and will be missed and remembered forever for the caring, loving person that she was. She will always remain in our hearts for all she did for Her Brother & Sister CERT Members behind the scenes.  Her support and dedication went far beyond our team activities, because of her love and devotion to the Hamden community. 

RIP Carol Teodosio, you will never be forgotten! 

We would like to thank Mayor Curt Leng, Fire Chief Gary Merwede, Assistant Fire Chief Charles Lubowicki, Police Chief John Sullivan and the Hamden Police Department, Hamden Legislative Council, Hamden Rotary Club, Dunbar Hill Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Community for their continuing support of the Hamden CERT Program. As always, it has been an honor to serve our community this year with 2,490 service hours and to work alongside of our Town Officials and our Police and Fire Department Personnel when called upon. We congratulate our new administration and look forward to a sustained, valuable relationship for the well-being of our community. As always, a special thanks goes out to the Members of The Dunbar Hill Volunteer Firefighters, Station #8 for allowing us the use of their building. Without their much-appreciated generosity, our training sessions, meetings and drills would not be possible!  Thank you to all of our dedicated Hamden CERT Members who have volunteered their time throughout the year, to make our team so successful while experiencing the honor of serving our community and visitors to the Town of Hamden.  

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. Freeman Jr.

Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Hamden CERT Coordinator