Hamden CERT Emergency Activations

February 14, 2022 
Hamden CERT Responds to a 3 Alarm, Multiple Family Dwelling Structure Fire that displaces over 90 Residents of 22 apartments.

On February 14, 2022 @ 19:02 hours, Hamden CERT Members activated/responded to a large, 3 story, multi-family apartment building at 42 Warner Street and were part of this multi-agency coordinated effort. Thank you again to the Command Staff & Members of the Hamden Fire Department for their aggressive fire suppression and rescue efforts under severe conditions! This fire required the full on-duty force of the Hamden Fire Department along with Mutual Aid Departments during this 3 Alarm Fire.

Sixty people, were displaced due to the fire, including 14 children. Fire Marshal Brian Dolan said the fire began on the first floor of the building and then spread to the second floor and consumed the entire attic and roof.

 Hamden CERT Members assisted with Firefighter Rehabilitation and assisted Hamden Community Services and the American Red Cross with logistical support and the relocation of the occupants who were not able to return to their apartments. CERT Members also dispersed over 300 pounds of ice melt to help with the heavy accumulation of ice and try to mitigate the dangerous footing conditions throughout the fire scene. Thank you to the members of all agencies, from many surrounding towns that were involved in this major incident.

(Note: Many Hamden CERT Members spent the next 2 weeks helping with the management of hundreds of donations received for the displaced residents!) 

42 Warner Street, best20 Degree Temps created extreme ice conditions throughout the fire scene. The 3 Story Multi-family Apartment Building was fully involved in fire shortly after the initial911 Call.Warner Street, Aerial View of Roof

(Aerial view of the total damage and roof of 42 Warner Street)

June 26, 2021 
Hamden CERT Responds to a 5 Alarm, Multiple Family Apartment Building Fire along with Hamden Fire Department and 7 other Local Mutual Aid Departments.  

On Saturday evening, June 26, 2021, the Hamden Fire Department responded to the report of fire & smoke on the roof of a Multi-Family Apartment Building located at 925 Mix Avenue"Chestnut Hill North" On arrival, heavy fire conditions were discovered on the roof with extension into the open space between the roof and the third floor ceilings. Multiple Alarms followed that dispatched over 7  Mutual-aid Departments from many surrounding towns!

Hamden Fire Chief Gary Merwede says he's unsure when, if ever, they will be allowed to live inside because of the damage, but he feels blessed no one was seriously injured.

"This was a very labor intensive operation, pulling ceilings and ripping back the roof. (See photos below!) "There were solar panels we had to take off of the rubber roof. Then, insolation and ply wood, and then we had to drop the ceilings on the third floor as well," 

Chief Merwede explained: This was a huge challenge that needed the assistance from many neighboring towns.

Now, the investigation continues with the State Police, along with local authorities and so far, the cause is undetermined.

Mix925, Rehab table (Hamden CERT's Emergency Vehicle EM44 with Rehabilitation Supplies)Mix925, Roof Damage(Aerial photo of the fire damage on the roof & solar panels)(Hamden CERT's Emergency Vehicle - EM44)Mix925, 3rd Floor Damage(View of the fire damage above the 3rd Floor Hallway Ceiling)Mix925, Paul, Carol, Debbie(Hamden CERT Personnel, standing by for Firefighter Rehabilitation) 

Hamden CERT Members responded on the 2nd Alarm Assignment and assisted the operations with Firefighter Rehab, assisting the American Red Cross with processing and  transport of many displaced residents and many other logistical duties throughout the early morning hours. The fire was declared "under control" in about 3 hours and the Hamden CERT Personnel cleared the scene at 08:00 hours on Sunday morning after transporting multiple displaced residents to local hotels. 

Hamden CERT assisting our 1st Responders and Community during their History of Emergency Activations over the last 19 Years. 

Over the last 19 years, Hamden’s CERT members have assisted our community during Fires, Hazardous Material Incidents, Weather Related Emergencies, Mountain Search and Rescues Operations at Sleeping Giant State Park and Emergency Sheltering Operations, Points of Distribution (POD's) for food & medical needs, in addition to the many Planned Community Events that ore held during the year. It was also an honor for the Hamden CERT members to assist at the Kleen Energy Natural Gas Explosion disaster for three days in Middletown, Ct. assisting with security and accountability back on February 7, 2010.

During Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011, we managed and operated our town’s emergency shelter at the high school for over 36 hours. A team of 17 members volunteered over 1200 collective hours of service over a four-day period! After the initial period of sheltering, our team volunteered again during a three-day P.O.D. (Point of Distribution), giving out water and food to displaced residents at the Miller Library and the Keefe Center. During Hurricane Sandy 2012, our team managed shelter operations for a three-day period. Last year, after the Tornado of May 15, 2018, our team staffed an Emergency Storm Center and Point of Distribution at West Woods School for the many victims who suffered severe property damage and loss of utilities for many weeks. Hundreds of gallons of potable water, cases of drinking water, non-perishable foods along with electronic and phone charging stations were provided to the many residents who were impacted. Our team members totaled over 323 service hours during this 3 day operation. 

During the early months of 2020, we found ourselves in the heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has changed our lives forever. Starting in mid-March 2020, Hamden CERT Members assisted Hamden Public Schools and Hamden Community Services and gave logistical support to provided Points of Distribution (POD's) for food and grocery items. During this crisis, acting as members of Hamden Emergency Management, we set up another weekly POD for protective equipment (face masks & digital thermometers) for small business owners! Our members also provided deliveries of grocery items to homebound elderly residents. In conjunction with Hamden Elderly Services, these deliveries became a weekly routine. Over a 16-week period, Hamden CERT Members volunteered over 900 Service Hours to assist our town agencies along with our community during the national emergency. 

Hamden CERT Services are provided to our community on a totally volunteer basis 24/7 at no cost to the taxpayers. We strive to make a difference in our community and to provide our support when the need is the greatest. Our Team is made up of many different individuals with a variety of different qualifications. The one common thread is that we all benefit from serving our neighbors and residents when the need is paramount. While doing this, it is always an honor to work alongside our Professional Police and Fire Personnel who are dedicated to our safety and to a better life for all of us.

For just a glance at some of CERT's Emergency Activations, see below. To find more information, visit www.hamdencert.com.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021: Residential Fire in a Single Family Dwelling, Claims One, Injures Two

On March 9, 2021. in the early evening, Hamden CERT responded to assist Hamden Fire Department for a 2nd Alarm, Residential Structure Fire. The fire at 775 Hill Street called in by many neighbors, claimed one & injured two. Hamden CERT Members responded on the 2nd Alarm Assignment with 7 personnel and assisted with rehabilitation operations for the firefighters and cleared the scene at 01:20 hours.

Hill Street, Fatal
Hill Street, out front, street

Hamden CERT responded Wednesday, September 30, 2020 @ 14:24 hours to a 2nd Alarm of Fire at a Multi-Family Apartment Building "Broadmoor Apartments" at 680 Mix Avenue. 

Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the garage area and the exposed floors above the area of origin. Four occupants were displaced due to the fire and smoke damage and two Firefighters were slightly injured. Hamden CERT Members assisted on scene with Firefighter Rehabilitation because of the warm conditions and extra efforts needed because of the fire traveling through the walls, into other floors of the building.

Mix920, Rehab Group, Sq1
Mix920, Rehab

On Friday, November 8, 2019 @ 2:51 am - A Working Fire at a Private Dwelling, Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the owner's vehicle and garage of the 1 Family Private Dwelling. Eight residents were displaced due to the fire and smoke damage. 

Earlier today, April 19, 2019, Hamden Department was dispatched (02:51 AM) to a fire at 89 Stanley Road. Engine 2 arrived first on scene within 2 minutes of the dispatch (02:53 AM). Engine 2 reported heavy fire coming from an attached garage of a one story ranch style home. The fire in the garage was quickly knocked down by suppression crews. There was a heavy smoke condition throughout the home as crews checked for fire extension in the bedrooms directly above the fire.  Eight people were displaced from the home as a result of the fire including seven family members and a family friend. They are staying with family until they can reoccupy the house. 

Hamden CERT was notified by Central Communications and activated to assist with firefighter rehabilitation and any relocation services needed by the occupants. CERT Personnel assisted on scene and were released at 05:50 hours.  

Stanley19, Fire Scene
Private Dwelling 2

On Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 2:28 PM,  a Working Fire at a Private Dwelling, Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the attic and roof area of the 1 Family Private Dwelling. Three residents were displaced due to the fire and smoke damage.  

At 2:28PM, Firefighters were dispatched to 17 Grafton Road for a reported residential house fire. Companies arriving on scene at 2:31 reported heavy smoke from the attic. A family of three, home at the time, did not realize an attic fire was burning overhead. All occupants escaped with no injuries. The fire was declared under control at 2:57PM. There were no HFD injuries reported. The Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. Hamden CERT was activated to assist at the scene and support the Gross Decontamination and Rehab Services for the firefighters. 

Grafton St.