Charter Revision Commission

To view recordings and minutes of the Charter Revision Commission's work, please visit the Agenda Center.

CRC2022 (Second Charter Revision Commission)

 The below link is the approved Charter that will go on the ballot of        November 8, 2022 for the voters.

Summary of the Town of Hamden's proposed Charter revisions

To view the final revised Charter as approved by the Legislative Council on August 24, 2022 click here:  

CRC Final Report - August 12, 2022

Redline Charter to current Charter - for Public Hearing on June 15, 2022

View the 2022 Revised Charter as submitted by the Commission on May 26, 2022

Public Hearing to be held on May 24, 2022 to comment on the 2022 revised Charter (links to view the revised Charter can be found on this notice)

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To view the current Town Charter, please click here or refer to the "Documents" section on this page.

Section 11-2 of the Town Charter requires the Legislative Council to appoint a Charter Revision Commission no later than April of 2020 and “no more than every ten (10) years thereafter". The Hamden Charter was last approved and revised on November 8, 2011.  

(The 2020-2021 Revised Charter failed before the Legislative Council and a 2022 Commission was appointed on January 10, 2022. The work of the previous commission can be found below)

2020-2021 Charter Revision Commission Documents      can be found here

20-21 Member list can be found here