High Meadows Property

The Town is exploring the purchase of former High Meadows School property located on 825 Hartford Turnpike. This property is currently owned and maintained by the State of CT but has been vacant and without use since 2009.

As most citizens know the Town has not purchased the site. It is only exploring the potential acquisition with the intent of pursuing an Economic Development project that is yet to be determined. Hamden acquiring this property would ensure that the State doesn’t develop it, gives us the ability at the local level to pursue a project that fits within the character of the neighborhood and potentially create tax base growth.

In the past, Martinez, Couch, and Associates was hired to complete survey work, map the wetlands, complete topographic mapping, locate utilities, identify drainage characteristics such as pipes and culverts. The study identified any potential challenges. They also have located any watercourse such as a stream, identify existing trees, adjacent property owners, etc. The consultant was selected following an RFP process. 

BL was hired via an RFP process to complete a site assessment of the physical buildings on the property and any potential areas of environmental contamination. This included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Building Conditions Assessment, Hazardous Building Materials Assessment and a final Project Report. 

During this time, Camoin 310 was hired to complete a Market/Feasibility Study of the project to determine what could be a viable economic development project at the current High Meadows Site. All of these studies and analysis can be found in the High Meadows Documents section on this page.

Currently, Colliers has been hired to consult with the Town of Hamden — updates can be found directly on the Town of Hamden’s Economic Development website that has a dedicated page to High Meadows - visit here.

View Recordings of the Past Meetings
Date: Nov.12th, 2021
High Meadows Project Informational Forum
Link to recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/fFvF89eoyMKF3F2l8JJ4o-5D-QOCHaSC674oiNqH-eiPvdVGxwLsEpBAsjXXSwkG.6s1w8YpNFu1blatR 
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