Brooksvale Park Expansion Project

Hamden, CT - Mayor Curt Balzano Leng is very pleased to announce that the Brooksvale Park Expansion Project is moving forward on schedule and is slated for completion in the summer/fall of 2021. The project will expand Brooksvale Park by approximately 42 acres, with funding secured through the generous contribution of $60,000 from the Hamden Land Conservation Trust (HLCT) and via grant award of $432,500 from the State of Connecticut Open Space and Watershed Acquisition Program (to be provided upon successful project completion). The Hamden Legislative Council in June of 2020 authorized the Town to proceed with allocating $300,000 of capital funding to support the donation of the HLCT and the awarded State grant.

Mr. Jim Sirch, representing the Hamden Land Conservation Trust, commented, "The HLCT was happy to play a role in helping to fundraise to add this beautiful forested land to Hamden's iconic Brooksvale Park. We couldn't have done it without the assistance of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and many supportive donors. We heard from so many residents who love hiking and bird-watching and wanted to protect it for its recreational and habitat value. We look forward to leading nature walks here for all Hamden residents to enjoy."

The Town formally acquired the properly in April of 2020 after negotiating the closing with long-time property owner Mrs. Judith Beers. Mrs. Beers had desired for the property to be acquired by the Town and absorbed into Brooksvale Park, as this was the longstanding wish of her family. Mayor Leng, on behalf of the resident of Hamden, offers our thanks to the Beers Family for ensuring this special opportunity was able to come to fruition after many years. 

Commenting on the project, Mayor Curt Leng said, "I am so very pleased to see the Brooksvale Park Expansion Project moving forward, demonstrating an investment into such an amazing hometown asset. I must thank the Land Trust for their generous donation for the purchase of the property, the State for awarding Hamden open space grant funding, the former owner Judy Beers, and the hardworking Hamden staff committed to making the project a success. This will be a wonderful addition to Brooksvale Park and will serve families for generations to come."

The terms and conditions of the State awarded grant require that the acquired parcel, "370 Brooksvale Avenue Rear", be restored as Open Space. The Town, prior to purchasing the property, conducted a Hazardous Materials Inventory and A2 Survey to determine properties boundaries, possible site contaminants, and to gather information related to estimated site demolition costs. Cherry Hill Construction, LLC was ultimately awarded as the demolition vendor through an RFP process. The Town expects that demolition will occur within the next month, likely within the next few weeks, as final steps are being taken by United Illuminating to terminate services. Upon demolition, the site will be restored and the reporting and grant reimbursement process will commence with the State.

Residents are invited to view aerial drone footage of the parcel via a "pre-demolition fly through" available on youtube and embedded below. Also check out the photo gallery, with photos by Alisha Martindale of Hamden Arts & Culture.

Questions about the project should be forwarded to project managers Mr. Patrick J. Donnelly and Town Engineer Mr. Mark Austin at and at respectively. Questioins about Brooksvale Park should be forwarded to Park Ranger Vinny Larvogna at

For further information, please continue to visit

Drone footage voluntarily provided by Mr. Walter Morton
  1. Alexa Panayotakis

    Deputy Chief of Staff

  2. Pete Laffin

    Temporary Appointment Park Ranger

Pre-Demolition Photos by Alisha Martindale of Hamden Arts & Culture

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