Town of Hamden Employee Retirement


  • Current Town of Hamden Employees: If you are considering retiring please review Hamden Employees Retirement Rules below. If you are eligible to retire please fill out the RETIREMENT APPLICATION FORM and send to the HR Department at and Deputy Finance Director at In additional please send a letter stating your name, position, intent to retire, and exact date of retirement. Letters and the Retirement Application should be delivered to the Human Resources Department 60 days prior to the monthly Hamden Employees Retirement Board meeting.
  • REQUIRED PENSION DOCUMENTS: (State and Federal W4-P, and direct deposit). These NEED to be filled out and returned to the Human Resources Department and mailed to 2750 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518, 30 days before your exact retirement date or your pension payments may be delayed. Forms are located on this page under "Pension Documents."
  • BOARD OF EDUCATION:  For Board of Education employees, your completed retirement application should be sent to the HR Department at, to Barbara Schettino at and to Rick Galarza at The Board of Education will prepare your earnings information for your pension calculation.

Retirement Rules

  • Normal Retirement: Age 65 with 30 years credited service OR Age 55 with 20 years credited service.
  • Early Retirement: (Penalty involved: reduced pension): Age 55 with 10 years credited service: NEED Retirement Board approval OR Age 65 with just a few years.
  • Vested Pension Burial Allowance: At least 10 years of service. Retired prior to 07/01/91: $1,000. Spouse receives 25% of pension with S.S. Offs
  • Health Benefits and Life Insurance: 15 years credited service OR Age 65: 10 years credited service

Hamden Employees Retirement Board Calendar 2022