Do I have to pay the entire tax bill if I no longer own the vehicle?

If you did not own the vehicle on October 1st, you are responsible for the number of months you owned the vehicle, but you must provide this office with proper documentation (Listed above) that you did not own the vehicle for the entire Assessors’ year, 10/01 to 9/30. 

If you disposed of the vehicle after October 1st and before the next September 30th, you may be eligible to have the bill prorated upon presentation of the two (2) forms of proof. Prorates are based on the month in which he vehicle was disposed. There is no adjustment for a vehicle disposed of in September.

Vehicle tax bills can only be prorated if proper documentation, listed above, is provided to the Assessor’s office in a timely fashion. As it states above, documentation must show that the vehicle was sold, junked, or registered out-of state or donated.

(The license plate receipt alone is not sufficient proof that the vehicle has been disposed of).

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4. Do I have to pay the entire tax bill if I no longer own the vehicle?
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