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Hamden Holiday Light Display Tour

  1. Please upload a photo of your display here if you have one.

  2. Waiver of Participation *

    By adding my name and address to this list, I agree to allow only my name, address and holiday light display to be made public on Town of Hamden social media, Town of Hamden website publications and possibly be made available to local news outlets as well for public viewing and visitation. I agree that it is my own responsibility to ensure that visitors to my outdoor display stay off my property if I so wish. I agree to not create opportunities for people to gather at my display under Covid-19 restrictions and if I do, my information will immediately be removed from this list. I can remove my information at any time by emailing I understand that this outdoor initiative is meant for neutral family entertainment purposes and that the Town of Hamden may reject my submission based on content of display or messaging - this includes overt political messaging, sexually provocative imagery, drug paraphernalia and imagery, and any overall imagery or messaging with a harsh or negative tone. This initiative is open to any and all seasonal holiday light displays under the condition that they follow the guidelines of participation above. I understand that this initiative is not a contest and there are no prizes to be won. This list will remain public until January 31st, 2021.

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