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Engineering Department

  1. (Please indicate the number of people which plan to attend the meeting)
  2. Appointment Reservation Form
    The purpose of the request form is to manage our limited ability to meet with customers and to most efficiently assist you during your valuable time. Due to meeting space and time limitations, we may not be able to accommodate all requests, but we endeavor to assist all of our customers. We may be able to quickly answer with an email or web link to provide you the quickest service.
  3. How can we help you with a meeting?*
    By letting us know how we can help you, we are able to better send you to the correct person or can answer your request electronically.
  4. General Information: Copies
    Please be advised that standard copies are $0.50 each page/each side, maps are $20 each, and GIS layers are $40 per layer or portion thereof. The copy costs are the same if they are paper copies or emailed electronic copies.
  5. By having the address, we can have information prepared for the meeting.
  6. When would you like to meet with staff?
    Can you please provide some times and dates that you are available to meet. This way we can try to accommodate your schedule and make sure a meeting room is available if necessary. Please provide at least two windows of time and allow up to 2 business days to make an appointment.
  7. Please provide some additional information on why you need to meet with staff for assistance.
  8. Please provide us with plans, sketches, photos, or other information so we can better prepare for the meeting.
  9. Tip: Drop off information
    We typically do not need a meeting to drop off permit paperwork. Maps, plans, or other supporting information can be put into the drop box (for P&Z) at the entrance of the Government Center. Larger maps and reports can be given to the security station at the main entrance with a note to which department will be receiving the package.
  10. Tip: Sidewalks and/or other enforcement actions
    These can be submitted via our online work order system at Otherwise please submit as much detail as possible in the above "why do you need to meet with staff?" information box.
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